Children hug on Eid in New Delhi. Photo by Deccan Chronicle.


On the day of Eid, every Muslim culture has it’s own way of greeting friends and family. Here at Hello Holy Days! the way that we’re familiar with is to hug a person of the same gender, (exceptions apply), three times upon wishing them “Eid Mubarak.” First, hug towards the right of a person, then towards their left, then again towards their right. That’s the way Eid hugs are done. And you only do these types of hugs on Eid. For all other occasions, a normal, single hug suffices.

In other cultures though, cheek kisses seems to be the choice of Eid greeting rather than hugs. You shake hands with a person of the same gender (again exceptions apply) and plant one kiss on the right cheek and one kiss on the left cheek.

Are you “team hugs” or “team cheek kisses” when it comes to Eid greetings? Or do you have a different way of greeting on Eid day? Let us know in the comments below.


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