Ramadan Balloon Bouquet

Ramadan Balloon Bouquet

Surprise a loved one this Ramadan with an adorable balloon bouquet – it will definitely get the kids squealing in delight. For an airy look, pair a 34″ crescent moon balloon with clear latex balloons. Embellish the crescent moon with a smile and rosy cheeks. On the clear balloons, handwrite phrases like “It’s Here! It’s Here!” and “Ramadan is here!” with a gold paint pen.


  • Light blue crescent moon balloon, available at party supply stores
  • 9 clear latex balloons, available at party supply stores
  • Gold oil based paint pen
  • Pink construction paper
  • Black construction paper (or computer paper and black marker)
  • Double sided tape


  1. For crescent moon balloon: cut out a smile, rosy cheeks, and eyelashes using construction paper. Stick onto balloon with double sided tape.
  2. For clear latex balloons: hold a balloon in your lap, and using gold paint pen, write a phrases relating to Ramadan.

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June 17, 2015

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