Eid Al-Fitr

8 Pointed Star Carnation Luminaries

When hosting your sundown Ramadan party, don’t keep your guests in the dark! If you’re looking for fun Ramadan ideas, make these carnation luminaries. Carnations are a common motif in Islamic art and architecture, this particular design is inspired by a pattern seen in Fez, Morocco. It features the 8 pointed star in the center which then expands out into a flower.

The 8 pointed star represents God’s Throne, as the Quran states, on the Day of Judgement 8 angels will flank Allah’s Throne (69: 17), hence the 8 points of the star. The 8 pointed star is a symbol of hope because on the Throne, it is inscriped, “My Mercy Supercedes My Wrath”, which creates a sense of hope for salvation. In the month of Ramadan, when that sentiment is especially high, these luminaries will make a beautiful addition to your space.


  • Extra large brown paper bag
  • Vellum paper bag
  • Clipart
  • Small scissors
  • Tailor’s awl or sharp pencil
  • Masking tape
  • LED tealights

Ramadan Ideas: DIY 8 Pointed Star Luminaries - Hello Holy Days!


  1. Download and print our free clipart. (If using small sized paper bags, reduce scale before printing.)
  2. Using the tailor’s awl make holes in the areas of the clip art to be cut. Cut out voids.
  3. There will be a seam running down the paper bag, tape the clip art onto the side of the paper bag that has no seam. Align it center and trace design onto the bag.
  4. Remove the clip art, and using the tailor’s awl to make holes, cut out voids in the paper bag.
  5. Open bag and insert vellum paper bag inside. Place LED tealight and display.

Ramadan luminaries by Hello Holy Days! 8 pointed star which blossoms out into carnation flower.

TIP: If using real tealights for the luminaries, fill each luminary with sand to weigh it down first. In the instance that the luminary might topple over, the sand will help extinguish the fire.


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