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Eid Jasmine Garland Table Decorations

Jasmine, or Yasmine, is a beloved flower in many Muslim cultures cherished for its sweet fragrance. Time and again, Islamic literature mentions jasmine’s beauty and likens it to flowers that await in gardens of paradise. This Eid, fill your home with the gentle scent of jasmine with these easy garland table decorations. Like precious pearls, they add a touch of elegance to your holiday feast.


  • 100g pack of fresh jasmine buds, available by order through (shipments from India every Thursday) or check with a local South Asian or East Asian florist
  • Floral wire
  • White thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Clear tape


  1. For cake garlands: using a needle single threaded, join jasmine buds by inserting the needle through the bottom of the jasmine stem and bringing it out through the centre of the flower. Attach to cake stand using clear tape, creating loops all the way around.

  2. For jasmine plate ring (centre cake plate): cut desired length of floral wire depending on size of cake plate. Make a hook at one end of the floral wire and insert jasmine buds into wire horizontally across the stem. (Not vertically as with the cake garlands.) To close the ring, bring the end of the floral wire through the hook you created and twist around hook.

TIP: To prevent jasmine from browning while you’re working with it, take a few buds out on a tray and put the rest of the packet in the fridge. For the buds on your tray, cover with a wet paper towel as you’re working. Refill more buds from the fridge as you go. When you’re done making your garlands, cover with wet paper towels and refrigerate. Garlands can be made the night before. When you plate your dessert, remove garlands from fridge and add to your whiteware. They’ll last for the rest of the night. 

*This Hello Holy Days! craft was first published on June 16th, 2015.


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