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Month of Rajab – Free Printable for Kids

Rajab month activity for Muslim kids, free printable

Welcome month of Rajab! Rajab is one of the 4 sacred months of the 12 months in the Islamic calendar. In this month, the Israa and Miraj (Night Journey and Ascension) of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, took place and it was in this month that we received the blessing of 5 daily prayers.

Our daily prayers are a fundamental pillar of Islam. At Hello Holy Days! we craft a lot about Ramadan and fasting – but as far as the 5 pillars of Islam are concerned, prayer comes before fasting.

Month of Rajab activity for Muslim kids, free printable

So this year, I thought I’d share a craft in the month of Rajab related to prayer. I hope this craft is a fun way to inspire the love of prayer (a.ka. salah, namaz) in your homes with your kiddos!

Coincidentally, as I’m writing this blog post, the month of Rajab begins right before Valentine’s Day, the day of love ❤️

Prayer too, is a symbol of love. It helps us establish a connection, a relationship with God, The Most Loving (Al Wudud). Through prayer, we come to love God and He Loves us.

I’ve designed these free printable “valentines” that help teach our children to see prayer as an active expression of love – not a dreaded chore.

Rajab month activity for Muslim kids, free printable

Rajab Printable - Valentine's Inspired Notecards


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Download and print them out on a single sheet of paper with two-sided color printing. (I like to use cardstock paper, over computer paper for these.) Then, cut them out.

On the front, the note cards say “Rugs & Kisses”. On the back, the note cards say “Rajab Wishes”. Fill in your child’s name on the blank line to let them know they received a special gift in the month of Rajab – the gift of prayer!

Month of Rajab free printable activity for Muslim kids

I think these note cards are really sweet as lunch time notes. Here, I’ve paired the note cards with a simple sandwich that has a tiny heart cut-out using a mini cookie cutter. This is the perfect, simple, idea to do for kids on the 27th of Rajab (commonly thought to be the day of the Night Journey and Ascension, Israa wal Miraj.)

You can also pair these note cards with little snack packs or candy treats. Maybe you even have your kiddos wake up next to these note cards on their bedside or pillow as a sweet little surprise, particularly if you’re helping them establish the habit of Fajr (dawn) prayer.

Month of Rajab activity for Muslim kids, free printable

I’d love to see how you use these little “prayer valentines” in the month of Rajab! Please share your pictures on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

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*Please note all of Hello Holy Days! free templates are for personal or educational use. The template nor this craft should not be made or adapted for commercial purposes.

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