Hajj & Eid Al Adha Crafts

Eid al Adha Paper Pouches Calendar

This post is sponsored by Kid Made Modern.  When I first came across Kid Made Modern’s Black and White Paper Pad I immediately thought how great this product would be for Eid al Adha crafting. Black and white is very representative of the stories and traditions of Eid al Adha. Read more on my thoughts […]

Festive Goat Gift Topper

Giving gifts on Eid? Of course you are! Get the kids involved in the gift giving tradition by making this festive goat gift topper! Beautiful bejewelled leaves flanked with a mini goat will add a touch of sparkle and whimsy to gifts wrapped in kraft paper. It’s a simple and chic way to elevate your […]

Eid Al Adha Sheep Photo Frames

Love to take pictures of your kids during the holidays? Then, you’ll love this craft for Eid Al Adha photo frames! Shaped like sheep, these photo frames are an easy craft for children to make on their own. You can even add magnets onto the back of the sheep for displaying the craft on your […]

Simple Eid al Adha Sheep Wreath

What’s a holiday without a wreath? This simple Eid al Adha sheep wreath takes next to no time to make and it will look so good hanging on your front door come Eid al Adha! For easy hanging, use a wreath hanger to display this simple yet chic wreath.  As guests walk in your door, […]

Eid al Adha Eggs

When I was a little girl, my grandma and I would paint eggs as a fun indoor activity. We also used to love to paint rocks. We especially loved painting eggs and rocks to look like cute little dolls for me to play with. I guess for this reason I grew up seeing painted eggs […]

Hajj Bus Craft

Don’t let the pilgrims miss their Hajj bus! Make this Hajj bus craft to help pilgrims get from one Hajj destination to the next! There are many different destinations pilgrims need to travel to in order to complete their Hajj. The city of Mina, the plain of Arafat and the area of Muzdalifah. No matter […]

DIY Eid al Adha Jewelry

Do you have a child that loves to make jewelry? They are going to love this DIY Eid al Adha jewelry! I have a 10 year old niece, Ayesha, who loves to make jewelry. When she comes over, particularly when she comes over for sleepovers, one of the things she frequently wants to do is […]

DIY Eid al Adha Calendar with Fabric Bags

I’m excited to announce my recent partnership with Kid Made Modern where I’ll be using Kid Made Modern products in my craft tutorials! Today, I’m sharing with you an awesome DIY for Eid al Adha. It’s an Eid al Adha calendar with fabric bags! Here, I used Kid Made Modern’s textile spray paint to make […]

DIY Pompom Kaaba

If you’re looking for a great Eid al Adha craft for 8-12 years old, this DIY pompom Kaaba is the perfect activity! Each pom pom takes about 30 minutes to make so this is a craft that can keep older kids busy for a good amount of time. Once, you’ve made the pompom kaaba it […]

Popsicle Stick Hajj Tents

Hajj is fast approaching and to get little ones involved in learning more about the occasion, crafts are always a great idea! Try these popsicle stick hajj tents with kids aged 2-5 years for a super easy activity that you can do with minimal craft supplies. Make some foam pilgrims to go with the tents […]

Ram Treat Bags for Eid al Adha

These adorable ram paper bags for Eid al Adha are practical party favors that will surely delight kids. If you’re familiar with the story behind Eid al Adha, you’ll know that a ram is central to the story. For me, when it comes to decorating or crafting for holidays, I like to come up with […]

Paper Tube Ram Craft

With Eid al Adha coming up, grab the kiddos and try your hand at this paper tube ram craft! (This craft has small parts and requires a hot glue gun so it’s definitely the kind of craft that needs adult attention – best suited for ages 6 and up!) Materials Cardboard tube Pencil Scissors Acrylic […]

Chocolate Lamb Place Settings

If you’re hosting dinner for Eid al Adha, greet your guests with chocolate lamb place settings. In many Muslim cultures, lamb is the choice of meat for the Eid al Adha feast, so these little chocolate lambs act as a nod to the dinner’s menu. Plus you can enjoy this place setting with dessert! If […]

Easy Eid al Adha Cupcakes

Short on time? Try your hand at these easy Eid al Adha cupcakes! Order some lovely cupcakes from your favourite bakery; then top each cupcake with miniature plastic animals relevant to Eid al Adha like sheeps, goats and rams! For an added touch, display the cupcakes on a wooden platter and pair with a green […]

Eid al Adha Children’s Calendar

Holiday calendars are an easy and interactive way for children to learn about any holiday. For Eid al Adha, make a children’s calendar in the shape of the Kaaba! This shape allows kids to visually understand that Eid al Adha marks the end of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. Making this calendar is very simple. […]

Foam Pilgrims Craft

  Make way – these foam pilgrims are on their way to Mecca! For an easy Eid al Adha craft for small children, make an assortment of pilgrims using precut gingerbread men foam shapes purchased from Michael’s during after Christmas sales. They come in value packs (32 pieces) and each pack contains gingerbread men in […]

DIY Kaaba Balloon

Many American Muslim moms like to use the Kaaba as a symbol to help their children understand that Eid al Adha marks the end of Hajj. Balloons are always a good choice when celebrating any occasion with kids, so here is a super simple DIY to make a Kaaba balloon! Pair it with white latex […]

Eid al Adha Sheep Centerpiece

  Pom pom sheep are fun for kids to make, but hang them on decorative branches and you have an effortless centerpiece for Eid al Adha! This centerpiece works well for a dining table if you’re having a sit-down dinner, or display on a side table in your home, like in the foyer or family […]

Follow the Hooves Eid Game

In Muslim countries, it officially starts to feel like Eid al Adha once animals are brought home for Eid. Children particularly love this part of Eid al Adha because they have so much fun playing with the goat/ sheep/ cow/ or camel. You can recreate the same excitement for North American kids with a little help […]

Eid Al Adha Ram Craft

  A ram is central to the story of the Eid al Adha; celebrate the holiday with this adorable ram craft using everyday materials like popsicle sticks, felt and pipe cleaners. For small children, it’s helpful to cut out the different felt parts beforehand and simply have children glue the pieces together. At the end, if […]

Eid Al Adha Cloche

Make a cloche display for a quick and easy way to decorate for Eid al Adha! Here, we’ve featured the animals most commonly associated with Eid al Adha: sheep, goat, camels and cows. For an elegant way of representing the holiday story and traditions in your home decor, arrange cloche and vases into groups of […]

Eid Al Adha Activity Calendar

In the 9 holy days preceding Eid al Adha create an activity calendar for kids to help them acknowledge the holy days and build up anticipation for Eid. Muslim holidays follow a “work hard, play hard” rule, so for each holy day, write out an age appropriate task for your child and place it in […]

Geometric Eid-ul-Adha Party

We weren’t sure if it was a good idea to replicate something as holy as the Kaaba. So inspired by modern art and architecture, we designed a contemporary Eid-ul-Adha party featuring a cube. It’s reminiscent of the Kaaba but it’s not a replica of the Kaaba. Keeping it minimalist and modern, we designed this party […]

Holiday Movie Night

In North America, every holiday is accompanied with its fair share of holiday movies. They’re what spread festive cheer. In the spirit of Hajj, host a holiday movie night featuring, “Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta.” This short film, produced by National Geographic, documents the journey of Ibn Battuta, a 20 year […]