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Ramadan Chocolate Wrapper Free Printable

In Muslim countries, Ramadan is such an incredibly festive affair. Having grown up in Canada though, I never really felt the “holiday spirit” until I was older and genuinely began to have an interest in practicing the religion. I imagine there are a lot of other poor North American kids out there who are going through the same thing I once went through – in fact, a lot of adults might still be going through it.
For the next few weeks, a whole mess of ideas will be coming your way about things you can do at home to make this month feel so much more different than the rest.

We have a week to go before Ramadan begins so now’s a good time to start setting the mood for it. A brilliant way to do that is to just put out a bowl of chocolate.

Yep, it’s that simple.

free chocolate wrapper printable for ramadan

It’s like when you go to the bank and they’ve put out a bowl of free sweets. Automatically, your spirits are lifted by this lovely gesture…

Because that’s what makes a holiday. The small things.

free chocolate wrapper printable for ramadan

So this year, in happy anticipation of Ramadan, put out a bowl of festive chocolate with this free chocolate wrapper printable. You will need individually wrapped chocolate, the vintage inspired wrappers I designed for you guys (link at bottom) and a glue stick. The wrappers are designed to fit snugly around individually wrapped Hershey’s chocolates. I purchased assorted Hershey’s chocolates from Bulk Barn but you can also find them in the chocolate and candy aisle at places such as Loblaws. Then, just print my free template, cut each wrapper out, wrap it around the chocolate and glue it at the back.

That’s all there is to it!

free chocolate wrapper printable for ramadan

CONDITIONS OF USE: All photos and artwork are © Manal Aman for “Hello Holy Days!”. This free template is for personal use only. You may not use it for commercial purposes. Feel free to share on your own site, blog or social media outlets, but you must provide a link back to my site/this article. As a courtesy, please do not link to the downloadable file but rather to this article. You may not download the file and then upload onto your own site – you must provide a link to this page and your readers can then download the file from my site. Feel free to share any of my photos as well but you must give credit and link back to my site/this article.

Now that I’ve scared you a little bit with the legalities… click to download free printable! 🙂

For Ramadan 2015 printable: download here.

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