Eid Al Adha Activity Calendar

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Eid Al Adha Activity Calendar

In the 9 holy days preceding Eid al Adha create an activity calendar for kids to help them acknowledge the holy days and build up anticipation for Eid. Muslim holidays follow a “work hard, play hard” rule, so for each holy day, write out an age appropriate task for your child and place it in the box. Open up one box every day for the first 9 days of Dhul Hijjah and have your child perform the task; on Eid day, which is the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah, reward them with sweets or small trinkets/ toys in the box (or directions of where to go find their Eid present hidden in the house!)

Eid Al Adha children's activity calendar by Hello Holy Days!

Eid Al Adha children's activity calendar by Hello Holy Days!


  • Green favour boxes, available in a set of 12 at party supply stores
  • Plastic animals such as goats, sheeps and cows
  • Miniature trees
  • Construction paper, brown and green
  • Metallic gold number and letter stickers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper grass or green tissue paper

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  1. Assemble the favour boxes.
  2. Hot glue animals and trees to top of favour boxes. For the 9th day, which is known as the Day of Arafat, cut out a mountain shape from a piece of construction paper to symbolize Mount Arafat.
  3. Cut out circles from green and brown construction paper, larger than the sticker numbers you plan to use. Glue paper circles to front of boxes; consider omitting the paper circle on some favour boxes for visual interest.
  4. Adhere sticker numbers to the front of 9 boxes. On the 10th box, spell out “Eid” with alphabet stickers.
  5. Fill each box with paper grass or a bit of green tissue paper. Write out activities on pieces of small pieces of paper and place inside favour box. On the 10th box, fill with candy, small trinkets/ toy or directions to where kids can find their Eid present.

Depending on your family, you can adapt the activities in your box to religious activities (such as prayer, remembrance or reading Quran) or you can try out some general activity suggestions below:

  1. Call grandparents or other family member/ friend to wish them the start of holy days
  2. Read “Going to Mecca” by Na’ima Robert
  3. Enjoy a snack of “zam zam” water and dates
  4. Play with plastic Eid animals (goat/ sheep/ camels/ cows) or head to a petting zoo!
  5. Learn the Hajj chant
  6. Make a Hajj themed craft (ideas to follow on Hello Holy Days!)
  7. Let’s play dress up! Dress up like a pilgrim – use a white sheet and wrap it around like a toga.
  8. Watch National Geographic’s “Journey to Mecca” and make it a family movie night
  9. It’s the Day of Arafat! Try a short fast, as suitable for age.
  10. Eid Mubarak! Time for presents/ favours!