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DIY Ramadan Tablecloth

Bring a bit of festivity into your home with this DIY tablecloth hand painted with the greetings, “Ramadan Mubarak”. You don’t need to be an Islamic arts calligrapher for this project – we promise! Simply download our clipart and follow the easy instructions. A fun weekend project, you’ll be pleased to pull out this tablecloth year after year, making it your very own tradition.


  • Linen tablecloth
  • Clipart
  • 3 sheets of 18″x 24″ graphite transfer paper, Curry’s
  • 2* bottles of 2.25 oz Jacquard fabric paint in black, Curry’s
  • Thin paintbrush
  • Wide, small paintbrush
  • Piece of cardboard around 8.5″ x 11″
  • Garbage bags, or something similar to cover work surface
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape, 1″ wide
  • Painter’s tape, 2″ wide
  • Iron

*If you intend to omit the painted black border around the tablecloth, then only 1 bottle of fabric paint is needed.


  1. Download and print clip art. Measure out how many repetitions of the two words are possible for your tablecover size. Trim edges of the clip art if necessary to evenly space words around perimeter.
  2. Cut graphite paper into rectangles large enough for each word. Place cardboard underneath your tablecloth where you intend to work. Place graphite paper (graphite side down) onto linen as shown in the picture.
  3. Place clip art on top of graphite paper. Using a pencil, outline the clip art. Repeat all the way around tablecloth with a new sheet of graphite paper per word. Position cardboard so it is underneath the word you’re working on everytime.
  4. Cover work surface underneath your tablecloth with garbage bags or something similar. With a fine tip paint brush, paint designs with fabric paint. Repeat all the way around tablecloth. Be sure to still keep your piece of cardboard underneath the word you’re working on.
  5. To paint a border around your Ramadan greetings, place 1″ masking tape where you think the border should be.
  6. Use 2″ painter’s tape to border the masking tape on the top and bottom. Remove the 1″ masking tape and paint in fill.
  7. When dry, iron on backside of fabric to seal paint. Handwash only.

Tip: The key to beautifully painted letters is using a very fine tip brush. That way, you’ll ensure you don’t paint outside of the lines.

Clipart designed by Sehar Shahzad for Hello Holy Days.


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