Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Ideas: Sponge Stamped Eidi Bags

Drawstring bags are a great way to hand out money to children on Eid day. In addition to cash, these bags are great for holding individually wrapped treats like homemade cookies, chocolates, or gummy candy. Thoughtful favours like small bottles of bubbles, mini notebooks or jewelry also fit snuggly into the bags. For a kid-friendly Eid activity, customize these inexpensive bags with some sponge stamps and fabric paint to set a festive mood.


  • 4″x 6″ drawstring bags, Creative Bag
  • Alphabet sponge stamps, Dollarama
  • 3D neon fabric paint, in pink, yellow and green, Michael’s


  1. Pour paint into small paper plates and dip sponges being sure to thoroughly, but not excessively, coat the sponge.
  2. Stamp the phrase “Eid Day” onto bags using sponges.




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