Eid Al-Fitr

Bangles Decoration

bangles decoration

bangles decoration

So it’s been announced – for many Muslims around the world, Eid is tomorrow! In South Asian culture, the night before Eid is referred to as “chaand raat”, or in other words, the night when the moon is sighted.

I remember while vacationing in Pakistan, once Eid was announced, everyone would rush out to the bazaars to buy new clothes for Eid prayers. For us female folk, unless you had matching glass bangles (called “chooriyan“) to go with your new clothes, it just wouldn’t be Eid.

I think I’ve only been to the chooriyan market a few times in my life. Each time it was mesmerizing. They literally have every shade of every colour available. There’s always something to match every outfit. Always.

Often on chaand raat, many South Asian girls gather to put on mehndi (a.k.a henna) on their hands so they have beautifully stained hands for Eid day to go with their new clothes and bangles. Even in North America some people still carry out this tradition. If you’re having a chaand raat party this year, here’s a festive little idea for decor that only takes 10 minutes!

Put all your years worth of bangles to good use in making these adorable trinkets. They’re terrific for hanging on a wall or on doors. To make these, simply string bangles onto a piece of rough ribbon and knot it tightly to create a round ring. Make sure this knot is small enough to remain hidden. Loop pretty satin ribbon through the small knot you just made. Tie a bow at the top of your satin ribbon and hang on a thumb pin!

For added visual interest, stagger several trinkets at various heights. For different sized trinkets, use bangle sizes ranging from infant to adult. My small trinket (not pictured) uses bangles back from when I was 8 years old. The purple trinket shown uses bangles that fit me when I was 12. The light pink and blue is my current chooriyan size. The amount of bangles you will need will depend on the size you choose. If you choose a children’s size, you’ll need less bangles to complete the ring then if you choose an adult’s size

What are some traditions common in your culture on the eve of Eid?

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