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Cotton Candy Eid Pouches

Nothing says summer like cotton candy! Celebrate Eid in the summer by pairing cash with cotton candy. It’s a super sweet way to hand out Eid money to children (pun intended!) Of course food and money should never directly touch each other – see our little trick for making sure the money is separated from the candy.




  • Regular sized clear cellophane treat bag
  • Mini cellophane treat bag, such as by Wilton available in the candy supply aisle of party stores and craft stores
  • Cardstock
  • Clipart


  1. Download clipart and print on sticker paper.
  2. Cut a piece of cardstock to fit at the base of your regular sized cellophane bag.
  3. Insert a bill into the mini cellophane treat bag to keep the money from directly touching the cotton candy.
  4. Fill bag with cotton candy and money and seal with clipart stickers.

TIP: Cotton candy is available at most food stores. For freshly made cotton candy, head to your local Chuck-e-Cheese and ask to purchase bags of it. If concerned about the food colouring used in cotton candy, Lola’s Cloud in Toronto specializes in naturally stained and naturally flavoured floss.


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