Eid Al-Fitr

8 Pointed Star Photo Frames


One of the traditions of Eid is to wear new clothes. If you like to take a photo of your child’s annual Eid outfit, preserve it with these 8 pointed star photo frames! Print out previous years’ Eid photos as 5×7″ prints of and in the last few days leading up to Eid, have your child make these photo frames and hang up around the house. Leave one frame blank for this year’s Eid photo. This craft is a great leeway into having a conversation with your child about Eid traditions. Sometimes even though we know something like wearing new clothes on Eid is a tradition, we don’t necessarily “glorify” it with the term “tradition”; however, by doing so and having a conversation about it, kids can better understand the holiday.

If you’re hosting a children’s Ramadan or Eid party, decorating 8 pointed star frames is a great activity to build into the play schedule. Take a photo of each child as they arrive with the child hosting the party. You can set up a simple backdrop by taping some fun gift wrap onto a wall, or keep it simple and have kids sit on the stairs for their photo. While kids tackle another game or activity, assign someone (like a spouse) to use instant or 1 hour photo printing services to retrieve 5×7″ prints. Have kids decorate their frames and attach photos to the frames; then, each child can take home their photo frame as a keepsake from the party! This craft can also be adapted to classrooms and daycares.


  • Jumbo Popsicle craft sticks (8 per photo frame)
  • Gold acrylic paint and paint brush (or gold spray paint if making multiple at a time)
  • White glue
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Purple and gold decorations such as glitter, stickers or buttons
  • Tape
  • Purple ribbon


  1. Use white glue to make 2 popsicle stick squares.
  2. Once both squares are dry, place one square on top of the other at a 45 degree angle and glue. (Using a glue gun for this step speeds things up. If using white glue, be sure to press down on the squares hard until the glue starts to dry.)
  3. Use a paint brush to paint the 8 pointed star in gold paint. If painting multiple frames at once, use gold spray paint instead in a well ventilated area.
  4. Place the 5×7″ photo print underneath the frame and where you see the triangular voids, make a mark with a pencil. Trim the photo where marked so the photo is an octagonal shape.
  5. Have children decorate photo frames with stickers, buttons or white glue and glitter (see tip below.)
  6. Tape the photos to the back of the photo frames; cut a piece of ribbon, tape it to the back of the photo frame as well and hang.

TIP: This craft can be adapted to children of all ages. For two year olds, prepare and paint the frames in advance and have them decorate with materials that suit their ability, like non-toxic paper stickers. Preschoolers and big kids can create popsicle stick squares themselves but assistance may be need required in gluing the two squares together, especially if using a glue gun instead of white glue. Glitter should only be used by big kids.

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