Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Guessing Game

One of Eid’s traditions is give out money to children. In North America many parents opt to give their children wrapped gifts instead of cash money. If that sounds like you, you can still introduce your kids to the age old tradition of Eid money with our fun guessing game! (It’s a great game for adult Eid parties as well!)

In some languages, like Arabic and Urdu, Eid money is called “Eidi”. The objective of this game is to guess how much Eidi is in the jar.

To make this game, fill a mason jar with money. Include a mix of different coins such as nickles, dimes and quarters – and if your country circulates them – pennies and dollar coins too. Add in some bills as well and make sure you keep track of how much money you’re putting in the jar. The jar pictured is filled with $50 ($30 worth of coins and $20 worth of bills.)

Make a small handmade sign to stick on the jar and put out a marker (or markers) and some small pieces of paper to act as ballots. Have each guest write their name on the ballot and their guess for how much money they think is in the jar.

The player to guess the closest to the real value in the jar wins a prize! When playing this game with kids, make sure you offer the same prize as all the other games at your party. In the spirit of Eid, after the game you can donate the jar to charity if you like. When playing this game with adults, you can have the winner take home the entire jar!

 Eid Guessing Game by Hello Holy Days!

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