Eid Al-Fitr

Ramadan and Eid DIY Throw Pillows

I’m so excited to be sharing this DIY throw pillow project with you in sponsorship with HomeSense! I often use HomeSense products when styling my photoshoots so it’s great to be working with them in sponsorship for the first time! I love HomeSense because their store is located super close to my home and their products have great prices without skimping on style.

For this shoot, my DIY throw pillows for Ramadan and Eid are styled with HomeSense’s yellow velvet side chair, their hexagon side table, geometric gold wire lantern and rainbow striped rug. The yellow chair pairs so perfectly for #purpleramadan and the rug has plenty of tones of purple, yellow, blues, and pinks making it work for #purpleramadan.

The DIY pillows are super easy to make using appliqué techniques. To begin, you’ll need purple throw pillow cases. You can either buy readymade purple pillow cases (HomeSense has plenty of solid coloured throwpillows – see if you can find a purple one!) or you can sew them yourself. I sewed mine having ordered purple fabric from Once you have your pillowcases, here’s how to make these DIY throw pillows for Ramadan and Eid!

Gold Star Appliqué Pillow:

With a simple motif such as a star, these pillows are good to use all throughout Ramadan and for the days of Eid al Fitr too!


  • Purple throw pillow case. Here, I’ve chosen a purple linen.
  • Star appliques, two shades of gold (available at fabric stores
  • Iron


  1. Arrange gold stars onto pillow in a random pattern reminiscent of a starry night.
  2. Iron stars in place as per directions on your applique package.


Sequin “Ramadan” or “Eid” Pillow:

For a fun touch, write “Ramadan” on the front of these pillows and “Eid” on the back. Display the side that says “Ramadan” all throughout Ramadan and when Eid comes around, just flip the pillow over for a change of decor!


  • Purple pillow case. Here I used a canvas pillowcase.
  • Gold sequin ribbon. For the word “Ramadan”, use standard sized sequin ribbon. For the word Eid, because it’s a short word, use triple thickness gold sequin ribbon.
  • Hot glue gun


  1. To write the word “Ramadan” or “Eid” onto your pillow, spell out the word with the sequin ribbon.
  2. Once your happy with how your letters are coming out, hot glue the sequin ribbon to the fabric. Here are some tips to help you do this:
    1. Be sure to space out your letters in such a way that the word ends up being centred on the pillow.
    2. When using sequin ribbon, make letters with loops rather than sharp edges. (Notice the loop in the “R” of Ramadan and in the “m” as well).
    3. After certain letters, it’s necessary to cut the ribbon. For example, after making the “r” in Ramadan I cut the ribbon rather than carrying it onto the “a”. Then I cut the ribbon again after the “m”. I left a little curve after the “m” before cutting so the “a” that comes after the “m” would still flow cohesively. So when it’s not possible to form a new letter by looping the ribbon, cut the ribbon and continue shaping letters from there!


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