Eid Al-Fitr

Ramadan Fasting Certificate

Is it your child’s first time fasting? Well we’ve made them a Ramadan fasting certificate to commemorate the occassion!

Introducing Hello Holy Days’ new Drum Roll Award. It’s an award program for kids from the Ramadan Drummer, including his signature! When you fast for the very first time, the Ramadan Drummer is so happy he’s doing a good job waking you up for suhoor with his drums, he’s giving you an award!

(Of course this is just a small token compared to the reward Allah has in store for your fasting!)

Eligibility criteria for the Drum Roll Award:

✅ Make intention to fast for Allah
✅ Eat suhoor (a predawn meal)
✅ Maintain your 5 daily prayers
✅ Fast till sunset
✅ Break your fast at sunset

Download and print out a free copy for your child. You can also get it printed on certificate paper from a copy shop such as Staples, to make it a little more official.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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