Eid Al-Fitr

DIY Eid Gift: Wildflower Seed Blooms

Spring has sprung and Eid has come! In 2022, we’re celebrating Eid al Fitr on May 2nd and as we know, with April showers come May flowers! Today’s guest blogger is Kother, and she’s sharing with us a tutorial for an eco-conscious DIY Eid gift: wildflower seed blooms! Perfect for spring, gift these to the person on your list who loves gardening and nature (or just about anyone else who loves spring flowers!)

Plant each bloom into soil and watch the seeds blossom in about 2-3 weeks, with the right sunlight and water. Good for container planting or directly into the ground!

Tissue paper and/or scrap paper (color of your choice)
Cookie cutter
Packet of wildflower seeds
Letter stamps & ink

Step 1
In a medium bowl tear your tissue paper into small pieces

Step 2
Add about 1/2 cup of hot water to the bowl and allow to sit for 20 minutes

Step 3
Add to a blender and blend until combined

Step 4
Strain the excess water and place back in bowl and add the wildflower seeds

Step 5
Place your cookie cutter on top of parchment paper and press the wildflower paper inside the cookie cutter. Carefully remove to form the shape and repeat.

Step 6
Once you’re done shaping you can either use a dehydrator for quick drying or an oven on low temperature (150F) for a few hours. If you’re not short on time you can place in a sunny warm area for a day or two to dry.

Step 7
Once the shapes have dried begin to assemble the cards by stamping each with verbiage of your choice and using a little bit of glue or double sided tape to secure the shapes to the cardstock. Gift them to your friends and neighbors and watch them bloom in about 2 weeks!

About the Guest Blogger: My name is Kother, I am a mother of two living in Southern California. I enjoy baking and crafting with the kids & sharing those ideas with fellow moms.

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